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Ben is one of the youngest—and hardest-working—musicians in New England.  Although he is a multi-instrumentalist, Ben’s primary instrument is the acoustic grand piano.  He has been able to translate his skills to digital pianos, keyboards, organs, the melodica, and even the glockenspiel.  Ben also plays drums—and not only a standard drum kit, but also Moroccan tam-tam ceramic drums.

Although Ben survived several years of formal piano lessons, he predominately plays piano—and other instruments—by ear.  This allows him to quickly learn and memorize songs, which are rapidly introduced into his burgeoning repertoire.  When composing his own songs, Ben sometimes uses a shorthand proprietary notation which constitutes his only use of written music.

Ben’s thorough grasp of traditional (and not so traditional) chord progressions and ability to translate melodies into quick and comfortable fingerings are at the heart of his learning style…and at the heart of his performing style is a combination of energy, excitement, warmth, and charm.  This fourfold amalgamation has earned Ben his distinctive employments—as organist of a professional hockey team and as pianist at a celebrated department store, not to mention the many private engagements for which he is requested.

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