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This is a constantly updated page that provides the latest news and information about Ben Schwartz and his music.

On October 16, 2012, Ben released an eponymous EP. The five tracks are "Quarter to Three," "Zephyrus," "August," "Haymarket Station," and "Leaving the City." You can listen to these tracks on Soundcloud, or you can download the entire EP for free by clicking here.

Visit Ben's Official YouTube Channel for all his latest music videos!

And on Ben's Official Soundcloud Channel, you can listen to all his latest music recordings, demos, and live cuts.

On April 24, 2010, We Were None, a 2009 film directed and produced by Ivan Kander at Lucky 9 Studios, was awarded the “Best Short Film” prize at the Lancaster Area Film Festival.  The original score was composed and recorded by Ben Schwartz.  The film may be viewed here.  Ben has collaborated with Kander before, providing original soundtracks to the 2008 film Support and the 2005 film Visions. The two latest Kander-Schwartz collaborations are Lucky 9 Studios’ 2012 release Baggage and 2010 release Finding Time, which has been named an Official Selection of the Alexandria Film Festival 2010 and of the Festivus Film Festival 2011.  Currently in pre-production is an animated Lucky 9 Studios short which will feature a new original soundtrack by Ben Schwartz.

In 2009, Ben Schwartz collaborated with lyricist Hadar Pedhazur of Songs and Jingles and singer Amy Rivard to compose and record the music for a song about the history of NBC’s Tonight Show franchise.  You can listen to the song here.

The following is a listing of Ben’s scheduled performances. All dates and times (Pacific Time) are subject to change:

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