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Besides filming several national Discovery Channel commercials in New York, Ben has starred in numerous others.

Cox Cable invited Ben to their Rhode Island studios to film local commercials for the “Discovery Kids on Camera” promotion.  These commercials aired only in Cox Cable’s local Rhode Island market area.

Ben also starred in a promotional commercial for the Portland Pirates.  The Portland Pirates are an American Hockey League ice hockey team based in Portland, Maine.  (Coincidentally, they are fierce rivals of the Providence Bruins, the hockey team for which Ben was the Music Director and organist.)  In the commercial, Ben plays a young fan of the Pirates who is sitting just behind the bench of the Pirates’ opponents.  As Ben cheers, the opposing team’s coach angrily knocks on the plexiglass, frightening Ben.  Then, from off screen, the Portland Pirates’ mascot, Salty Pete, swings into view like a buccaneer.  Salty Pete leaps into the opponents’ bench and begins to wallop the mean coach.


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