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Another artistic area in which Ben has found success is photography.  Using his state-of-the-art digital SLR camera, Ben has captured many wonderfully intriguing snapshots while out-and-about, on vacation, at home, et cetera.  These photographs are often fantastic on their own, but Ben often utilizes them for other graphic design projects, such as computer wallpapers, CD covers, digital photo albums, and yes, websites.

Ben’s photographs have even placed first in several national photography competitions.  The format of these competitions was a public poll, so placing first was an honor truly bestowed “by the people.”

Some of Ben’s personal favorite photographs can be found below.  New additions to this collection are added frequently.

Le Château Frontenac Cinderella Castle
Flughafen Frankfurt am Main Palazzo Ducale
30 Rock Woodchuck
Sunset in Sedona A. Ruth & Sohn Band Organ


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