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Corporate ID

One of the most notable applications of graphic design is the creation of corporate identities.  A corporate identity system encompasses everything from a logo to official typefaces, from preferred colors to memo margins.  In short, it is a law book governing the appropriate standards by which a company represents itself both internally to its employees and externally to its customers.

Ben has created and implemented full corporate identity systems for various clients.  Using the tool of the trade, Adobe Photoshop software, Ben starts with a logo design.  He does so because the logo influences all of the other aspects of the system, including typefaces and colors.  Once a logo has been decided upon, Ben moves on to creating these other aspects of the identity system.

Below are three variations of a logo Ben created for a client.  The three variations each work best under certain conditions:  The color logo works best for stationery, the monochrome for desktop publishing and faxes, and the gradient for glossy advertising and video media:

Three Logos

Ben would love to help your company, however large or small, succeed with a well-integrated corporate identity system.  Click here to find out how.


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